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With our software we can save the results of your athletes in any tournament, and use it to create a ranking. But not only that. You can use the data to analyze the information in order to improve the athlete performance. Take a look now!


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We love Karate Do! This is why we have created this software!

Athletes not only improve in training, the tournaments are necessary in order to test the performance and check the results. But how to save this information, and try to analize the athlete's path in one year in order to be better the next one? How many yukos, ippon, or wazari, how many victories by points our athlete did in the last three tournaments, or how many warnings were issue againts them?

After years thinking about what our loved sport needs in Tournaments, we created an amazing software wich allows you to have a real possibility to improve athletes in this millenial art

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Use our Apps to improve your karate performance. We have created two apps, one for Kumite and another one for Kata. They have an excellent ranking online. Check this info here


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You can check our tournaments periodically, and choose any of our tournaments in the year. Go and check the available tournaments now. See the tournaments now!


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