Welcome to the Colosseum Data Demo

Everything you need to know to run a tournament.

As a TOURNAMENT PROMOTER, you have to know:

1- How to register an athlete in a Tournament.

  • 1- Create an account. (Or use your account)
  • 2- Create your dojo
  • 3- Create your coaches/Sensei
  • 4- Create your students/athletes
  • 5- Add athletes to any available tournaments

2- How to create and run a tournament.

  • 1- Login or create your account.
  • 2- Create your Tournament.
  • 3- Run your Tournament. Steps: Checking -> Staging -> Tatami -> Match
  • 4- See Results
  • 5- See Ranking

Below the login and password to test the software DEMO. Click on Login to use it

Login: democolosseumdata@yahoo.com
Password: Demo

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