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1- You are a coach and ALREADY have an account. See registered coaches

2- You or your son/s have a coach and dojo.

You are a coach or an athlete without coach and don't have an account? Sign On here

If you don't have a coach or you are a coach, then follow this steps to register in any tournament:

  1. Create an account
  2. Create your dojo, club or team (It doesnt have to be real) Just to represent yourself in the tournament
  3. Create your Coach (He/She could be yourself)
  4. Create your athlete to compite (It could be yourself too)
  5. Go to the Tournament/Registration tab and add your athlete

  1. Next tournaments, no registration, just add you.
  2. You can receive info about our tournaments if you want
  3. You can check or modify your registration if you want
  4. You can create your own tournaments with our software